List of Emotions

Joyful, Tenderness, Helpless, Defeated, Rageful, Cheerful, Sympathy, Powerless, Bored, Outraged, Content, Adoration, Dreading, Rejected, Hostile, Proud, Fondness, Distrusting, Disillusioned, Bitter, Satisfied, Receptive, Suspicious, Inferior, Hateful, Excited, Interested, Cautious, Confused, Scornful, Amused,

Delighted, Disturbed, Grief-stricken, Spiteful, Elated, Shocked, Overwhelmed, Helpless, Vengeful, Enthusiastic, Exhilarated, Uncomfortable, Isolated, Disliked, Optimistic, Dismayed, Guilty, Numb, Resentful, Elated, Amazed, Hurt, Regretful, Trusting, Delighted, Confused, Lonely, Ambivalent, Alienated,

Calm, Stunned, Melancholy, Exhausted, Bitter, Relaxed, Interested, Depressed, Insecure, Insulted, Relieved, Intrigued, Hopeless, Disgusted, Indifferent, Hopeful, Absorbed, Sad, Pity, Pleased, Curious, Guilty, Revulsion, Confident, Anticipating, Hurt, Contempt, Brave, Eager, Lonely, Weary, Comfortable,

Hesitant, Regretful, Bored, Safe, Fearful, Depressed, Preoccupied, Happy, Anxious, Hopeless, Angry, Love, Worried, Sorrow, Jealous, Lust, Scared, Uncertain, Envious, Aroused, Insecure, Anguished, Annoyed, Tender, Rejected, Disappointed, Humiliated, Compassionate, Horrified, Self-conscious, Irritated, Caring,

Alarmed, Shamed, Aggravated, Infatuated, Shocked, Embarrassed, Restless, Concern, Panicked, Humiliated, Grumpy, Trust, Afraid, Disgraced, Awkward, Liking, Nervous, Uncomfortable, Exasperated, Attraction, Disoriented, Neglected, Frustrated

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List of Sensations

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