You can be a part of this ripple effect!

Become and ambassador for The Change Militia! This program is build on the foundation of rippling out these tools for change from one person to the next AND thanking you over and over when you help. We are building a community and a team of ambassadors who want to be part of something really exciting and grow themselves.

Our ambassador program is a recursive referral model so that each month, you get a referral fee for payments made by every member you refer. Our intention is to offer this program, along with your help, to organizations, non-profits, schools, healthcare organizations, coaches, etc. WE want to thank everyone who helps us ripple out the positive results of The Change Militia!

Here are details:

For every new member of The Change Militia that you refer using your custom link, you´ll receive 20% of their payment as a referral fee. You will receive that for every month that they are a member. This applies to all three membership levels.

Interested? Sign up for an affiliate account HERE and get started now.

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Kelly & Jeff

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