recursive referral model

And help us create a bigger ripple effect!


Want to help more people find The Change Militia’s work, help them transform their lives, communities and businesses from the inside out AND earn money while you’re at it?

Our affiliate model is built to ripple out these tools for change from one person to the next AND to thank you over and over for your help. It´s a recursive referral model so you get a referral fee for payments made by members you refer for every month they are members. Our intention is to offer this program, along with your help, to organizations, non-profits, schools, healthcare organizations, coaches, etc. We want to thank everyone who helps us ripple out the positive results of The Change Militia!

Become an Ambassador!

recursive referral affiliate model The Change MilitiaHelp us ripple this out and help everyone who joins to tap into their own potential for happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives, communities, companies, countries and world.

Here are all the important details you need to know:

  • You tell people or organizations about The Change Militia program via blog, email, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or Twitter. You can talk about it, hold meetings about it, write reviews about the program, interview Jeff or Kelly or just add a linked image to your sidebar.
  • You’ll use a special link to talk about it. All sales made through you will be recorded and you’ll be able to track them on your personal page!
  • For every new member of The Change Militia that you refer using your custom link, you´ll receive 20% of their payment as a referral fee. You will receive that for every month that they are a member. 
  • Every single month, we send you referral fees to thank you!










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