Step 6 – Program Recap

Thanks for reading and doing the movements. If it seems like the practices are not working, soften, start at the beginning, slow down, and allow yourself to and find which steps you are missing or skipping. Remember, these practices are based on feeling the sensations in your body. You must develop that skill. Thinking your way through won’t work. Master each step and allow your progress to compound.


  • Get Balanced. (Do Navigating the Abyss or one of the Five F’s movements)
  • Step 1 – Feel (Lots of Current 30’s)
  • Step 2 – State of Being (Get to know your habitual sensation patterns and configurations)
  • Step 3 – Feel Your Transitions (Feel the sensations in your state of beings change)
  • Step 4 – Find Your Edges (Feel your anxiety cycle ramp up)
  • Step 5 – Make New Choices (Early in the cycle, choose differently)
  • Step 6 – Challenge yourself

The Next Problem

The Anxiety Fix concepts and movements will eliminate the vast majority of your anxiety – if you do them. When you have conquered your anxiety, all the energy you were spending on anxiety will begin to compound and your energy levels will increase dramatically.

As your energy compounds and increases, it might feel like you are growing anxious more often. This is normal and a great time to challenge your limits, goals, intentions, and trajectories. What skill, pastime, sport, craft, technique, advancement, degree, certificate, or improvement would you like to master? Do it! Find a productive and fulfilling outlet for your energy.

If you don’t use the compounding energy, your subconscious mind will work feverishly to turn it into anxiety.

We are big fans of incremental success. You should be too. New habits are a process of choosing better more often. Each time you do, congratulate yourself. Positive reinforcement counteracts the negative reinforcement your subconscious mind usually looks for. Celebrate every small or incremental success.

Tension (mental, emotional, and physical) is a huge component of your anxiety. Allow yourself to relax and soften throughout your day. Take two minutes as often as necessary and systematically relax your body from toes to scalp. Make sure you relax your low belly, low back, neck, shoulders, and jaw. After you soften, take a few very deep breaths. Add more exercise into your life. Get outside. Play.

Incorporate one or more of the Five F’s movements into your daily routine to help you stay supple.

Be consistent – stick to your new habits and make them an integral part of your life. Very few of us find a solution and stick to it. How many times have you started a new plan only to abandon it after a few weeks and return to the old, familiar, unfulfilling, and inefficient? Honestly, 99% of us need support to continue to choose better habits.

Do the little things that help you stay balanced. Stay aware of when you are transitioning into a time, place, or situation that challenges you and be proactive. Eat, rest, and do what you know helps. For some people, it will be making sure they remember to eat, take a break from their computer, get out at lunch for a walk, or take a few deep breaths before making a difficult call. Track your cycles and make beneficial changes!

Watch for the Ramp-Ups that precede the things that leave you tense, stressed, or overwhelmed and make new choices. Every habit you would like to change can be conquered using this same set of tools.

The Next Opportunity

You’ve done the practices and had results. You feel less anxiety and with all your extra energy you might be open to some new possibilities. is our subscription program. It is a self-paced program that allows you to progress as your time allows. It is built on simple weekly practices like those in this course. Do the practices and you will stop feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or unsatisfied. You will feel more alive, connected, and fulfilled. You will be more successful, intimate, and collaborative. Your efficiency, productivity, and focus will skyrocket.

You will get to know yourself better. Understanding why you make poor choices can help you find the determination to override them.

What we offer in The Change Militia is different than anything else you have tried. We address the cause rather than the consequences. This isn’t a band-aid that hides the problem, it is a toolbox for healthy change.

Feel free to reach out with any questions. We would be happy to discuss your situation and recommend solutions.

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