Day #1:
Explore your present moment and movements: what exists or is happening in the moment.

As an example. You are reading this. Where are you reading it? What are you reading it on? What is your body position? Look for simple things: what is the lighting, what is happening in the background, are you allowing yourself to be distracted or multi-tasking? What are you wearing? Are you cold, hot, hungry, full, etc. What sounds abound?

You get the idea, take in as much of your current environment as possible.

Make this a quick study. You don’t need no stinking list, spreadsheet and don’t even consider constructing a 1/8 scale diorama. Let’s call it Current30, because everything needs a name.

What can you be aware of in 30 seconds?

After you have detailed your situation, ask yourself  how much of that is normal for you.

That’s it. Go through your day becoming aware of what you are doing, your surroundings and situations.

If it helps, set your phone timer for every 37 minutes and every time it goes off, take a Current30 inventory.

Don’t judge, label, chastise or condemn yourself, just observe. Don’t look for good or bad, just observe.

Have fun, be curious and explore.

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