We know when you decide to grow and change the way you are being that you will hit walls. We created this page because we wanted to help you move through those walls, scale them or obliterate them so you can get on with changing your world from the inside out.

You can refer here when you feel stuck, frustrated or uncertain to try to find an answer. And if it’s not here, drop us a message before giving up. Resistance is a powerful state that will intercept our chances for success if we don’t pay attention.

If you are just getting started and feeling overwhelmed, consider spending a few days or a week doing Layer Zero

Below are questions and concerns people have expressed. If you find yourself befuddled, frustrated, confused, flummoxed or overwhelmed; see if any of these apply to you and feel free to contact us with any other questions.


What if I spend all of this time doing this program and things don’t improve or get worse? The physical movements prime your mind to absorb and metabolize the concepts. Do the movements, read the concepts, be curious, challenge your resistance, and things will, absolutely, positively change. Don’t look a mile down the road; concentrate on the next step … and then the next.


Falling Behind

I am having a lot of trouble keeping up with the program and am feeling like a stressed out, overwhelmed failure. You are feeling, that is a success! Congratulate yourself and then start taking it a little slower. The schedule is a suggestion, use it if it serves you and slow down if it doesn’t. The most important thing is to do the movements, even if you have to do them while you drive, as you lay in bed or pretend to work at your desk.



I don’t know where to start, what to do next, or I am lost – Go back a week or back to a place where you felt like you got it and start again from there. Watch the videos, read the descriptions, and study the concepts. Take it one step at a time and more important than anything else DO THE MOVEMENTS! This isn’t a program you can read without doing the practices. The practices reconfigure your body and your energy field to help you metabolize the concepts.

Does It Get Easier

This program is challenging. I am more emotional and feel overcharged. Becoming more aware of my resistance has shown me how difficult I make everything I do and every relationship I am in. Does it get any easier? Yes, yes it does! As you begin to allow your resistance to transition toward movement, the bouts of resistance will pass more quickly. Eventually, you will be aware of your resistance before it slows you down, then you will make a decision to move and the resistance will rarely take hold.


I don’t have the money to continue. Three things to consider. #1 The “not enough money” story is a response to the discomfort of change and growth and it may be something you have used in the past to stay stuck. Make a budget and prioritize your spending. See what you can curtail and what things you can do to increase your income. #2 You actually aren’t in a financial position to continue. Print out the movements and concepts and do them until you can afford to continue. #3 Look at our Ambassador program. It is an affiliate program where you get a percentage of all members you enlist for every month they participate. You could pay for your membership by just encouraging a few people to sign up and helping to ripple out the effects!

Not enough

 I don’t have in it in me to stick with it.  I’m not enough. Resources might be physical, mental, emotional or energetic. Figure out exactly where you feel like you don’t have enough or aren’t enough in some way. And then ask yourself it that is actually true or some sort of projection. If the movements are too taxing, slow down, move at a pace that is comfortable. Reread the concepts about resistance. If you feel mentally or emotionally overwhelmed, practice the Sit and Unwind movements until you feel like you have the capacity to continue. Take it slow, each of the movements only take a few minutes. Think in blocks small blocks of time.


Feel Stuck

I feel stuck. I don’t have the energy to move or progress. It feels like a don’t have choices. “Stuck” is a manifestation of resistance. Your subconscious mind is so fearful of change that it convinces your conscious mind to disregard opportunities without evaluation. Do a Sit and Unwind or Square Breath practice and then ask yourself which opportunities that you are discounting without consideration. If all else fails, move. Move your body and your mind and emotions will follow.


I am too busy. I though I’d have more time for this program. One of the major benefits of this program will be a reprioritizing of your time, habits, actions and life. When you set new intentions based upon what you value and begin to acknowledge how much time you spend on things that don’t have any meaning, you will have plenty of time for the requirements of this course. In the beginning, make the time. You will be glad you did.


Don't See How This Works

I don’t see how these simple movements, some breathing techniques and some new ideas is going to change how I have been living. The way you have been living is a habit. When you change your habits; you change how you are living. All of your actions and decision compound into your way of being and living in the world. Every avalanche is made up of tiny flakes of snow … until it gains enough momentum to enlist other things to join it.


Not Right Time

This isn’t the right time for me, I am too __________. This is usually a sure sign of resistance to change. If now is not the right time, you might not want to change. Your current circumstances may be too addictive to confront. Your fear may overwhelm your desire for change. This is your subconscious mind trying to make you into a mushroom (keep you in the dark and feed you nothing but fertilizer). Keep going, do the practices and remember to breathe. The Square Breath practice in Layer One, Week Two is a great way to sit through mental and emotional quit stories.

More Conflict

I am noticing much more aware of conflict in my life. How can I avoid this? The key here is that you are more aware of the conflict; which is different than having more conflict. Don’t try to avoid it, try to devalue it. Conflict happens when two strongly held fears are at odds. Feel the dynamic tension between them and allow it to exist without reaction. It takes practice, but you can do it. Sit and Unwind is a great practice for times like this.



My life is so full, it feels like I am struggling to maintain my sanity and composure. Most of your fellow Change Militia members are in the same place. This program will help you put your life in perspective and give it order based upon your underlying intentions not your habitual stresses and stressors.


Won't Work

I don’t know how this is going to work. I can’t imagine or conceive of my success with this program. Future projections of safety are the work of the limiting subconscious mind. It tries to convince you that if the future is unknown it is probably bad. It attempts to keep you swirling in the same soup because it has tasted that soup and survived. Any new soup, however delicious, is an unknown and to be avoided. Mental constraints don’t help you. Disregard them. Do the movements and feel for yourself. Have a direct, personal experience and let that determine your action.



What if  I change and  my relationship fails, or my friends abandon me? ­ Your life will change, that is why you signed up; to change your life. If your relationship is going to fail, it won’t be because of this program; it will be because this program highlights how it has already failed and doesn’t meet your intentions. Some of your friends will go away. They will be the ones who colluded with your dysfunctions, dramas and diffusions. The people that feed off of you will go away as you no longer make yourself available to be taken advantage of.

Feel Hopeless

I am so stuck in my current behaviors, addictions and dysfunctions that it doesn’t feel like change, much less success, is possible. The ruts you are in may feel like superglue but in reality, they are a compounding of small movements that you put together in the same fashion over and over again until it feels like there is no other way to be. Recite the alphabet the way you were taught in school. It feels easy. It feels familiar. Now imagine if you could only speak in words that you form with sequential letters. Your vocabulary would be severally limited. Habits are the same way. Change up the sequence, add some new combinations, and change your life.

No Support

I don’t have anyone in my life to help me make the changes I want to make. Perfect! This is a community, join in. Participate in the Facebook group and on the Group calls or schedule a call with Kelly or Jeff. Find people in the community that are in the same layer as you and begin some dialog. Share your successes and challenges. And most importantly, become your own support. This is a foundational program; do the movements and practices as you study the concepts. You will get stronger, more self-sufficient and then you will be able to radiate your strength outward becoming support for others.



I have so much going on, that this is feeling like the straw that broke the camel’s back – Prioritize your schedule and ask yourself if what you are spending time on is more important that what you want to spend time on. Look at your return on your time investments. What are you doing that sucks time without much of a return? Make better choices, let unproductive, unfun and unfulfilling things fall away.


Don't Have Skills

I am afraid that this will get too complicated or require skills that I don’t have. Unlike a lot of programs, this one is build to move from where you are to where you want to go. You will be instructed on how to presence yourself and then gently push your existing limits. When you know where you are and what you are currently capable of, you can self-monitor your progress. You will grow without injury.


Only Doing a Little

Is doing the practices sporadically or inconsistently still effective? Yes, it is still effective, but not as effective. Remember, sporadic and inconsistent typically transition to rarely and not at all. Changing habits is easiest when you replace the habit you don’t want with the habit you want to have. Find the determination to do the movements consistently. You will be glad you did.


Can't Feel Anything

I have no frame of reference for most of the concepts. I’ve never felt my energy, chi or prana. I thought Life Force was a brand of prophylactics. You are not alone. Most of us are taught to feel less, express less, and distance ourselves from anything not created in our mind. This program is self-paced and compounds experiences. Check in with the Facebook group and the Group Calls, other members successes may give you a perspective you haven’t considered. In general, feel quietly, listen with your body and allow new awarenesses to blossom.

Too Hard

This program is too hard, too complicated, or too mentally and emotionally exhausting. Change requires that your system adapt. Your system adapts when it is challenged beyond the typical. If you are comfortable, you won’t grow and things won’t change. Success is fed and watered with healthy discomfort. If this feels like too much; challenge yourself, be determined and if necessary repeat a week to allow your system to catch up.


Emotional or Frustrated

I’ve noticed that since starting the program I am randomly more emotional or frustrated. What you are feeling is your energy moving. Congratulations! Being aware of energy movement is a foundational part of the program. The next step is to identify where you are feeling emotional or frustrated and then begin to break down the components. If you are feeling emotional, you are feeling. If you are feeling, there are sensations somewhere in your body. Find them, get to know them, make them your friends. Use the energy you are feeling as fuel to accomplish something important.

Feeling totally stuck and considering quitting? Contact us and let us help you figure out a way to get unstuck before you give up!

Getting more support may be the best solution to frustrations and stuckness. Group calls or having 1:1 calls with Jeff or Kelly may be the thing you need.

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