Stop Feeling Anxious, Stressed, and Overwhelmed

Anxiety isn’t a life sentence. Thank you for signing up!

Welcome to The Anxiety Fix, we are glad you’re here!

Let’s get started! There are seven short videos, and each is an important part of the progression to eliminate anxiety, stress, and overwhelm. The first video is a movement or meditation to help you transform your anxiety into usable energy. It will help you add a measure of control to your anxiety. The rest of the videos will help you purge anxiety from your system. If you are feeling anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed right now, start with this video. Don’t read further if you are currently experiencing any significant anxiety. Do the movement linked above and come back to the program when you are feeling a bit more balanced. (If you got here after trying our free offer, you will know the movement as Navigating the Abyss)

Then, read this page and click the NEXT button to take you to the first step. To get the most from this program:

  1. Know that your mind is going to get in the way – We can guarantee that your mind will tell you this is too simple or too complicated to work. Your mind might try to convince you that you are too advanced, stubborn, or broken. It might try to tell you that you are different, special, too busy, stressed, or unhealthy. Disregard your mind, do each practice, and allow the process to unfold. 
  2. Here is how you will access the content – Use the Next button at the bottom of each page to go to the next step. Do the course at your own pace. We will send you emails every couple of days as a reminder to keep moving forward. Master each step before moving on.
  3. Do the practices – Reading the content and watching the videos won’t be enough. Thinking won’t change your anxiety levels. You have to do the practices. This success of this program is based on sensory awareness, you must feel each step.
  4. We will present each step in the following way –
    • First, there will be an introduction to the concept and practice.
    • Next, there will a video.
    • Then, the practice and its description.
    • We will tell you why it matters, how you can use it every day, and the progression.
    • Last, a wrap-up and teaser for the next step.

Approach all these practices with curiosity and playfulness. Relax your mind and soften your body, take a few deep breaths, and don’t expect yourself to learn everything instantly. Be persistent. Celebrate your successes as you go.

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