*Bronze Level Membership*

Full Access to Program Content

Follow along with the program completing one layer every four weeks or move at your own pace. Tap back into previous content, earlier group calls and older Facebook group posts to go deeper or review. Every 28 days the next layer is automatically available to you.

Each week of the program includes instructional and follow along videos, explanations of why it matters, underlying concepts, and everyday usability suggestions.

These practices will connect you in a whole new way to your life. The program will show you how to make growth, wellness and personal development fun and playful. Everyday, you will get a big picture view and a daily focus to keep your momentum up and make everyday a success.


Weekly Emails

Every Sunday you will receive an email with the week’s videos and concepts. This gets the week started right.

Private FB Group

Bring questions, access bonus content and connect with others on the journey. Each month you gain access to another layer of the program and a new FB group.


You are not alone in what is happening in your life and mind. The Militia is a group that is committed to changing your world and the world from the inside out. Be seen, share, connect and create momentum.

The Change Militia is an annual membership program. It is not a quick fix but it will give you long lasting, life transforming tools.

You will change your world from the inside out. We can’t wait to see what happens for you this year!

To make it easier to join, we offer two ways to join:

Annual Membership

(Pay in full and save $78)


Monthly Payments

(Billed every 28 days)


♥ What if I want to cancel my membership?  We want to make sure you feel absolutely secure in your choice to spend this year with us. That’s why we’re offering a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If after 10 days you’re not over-the-moon happy with the experience we’ve created, we’ll give you a refund.

The Chnage Militia Secure Payments

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Register to Layer 1 - Bronze Annual


Register to Layer 1 - Bronze